Since 1954 the Brenton family has operated a number of businesses’ at the present location of Brenton Music on Creston Boulevard in Marystown, the history of which is both unique and varied.

The Brenton family patriarch in Marystown (Jack Brenton Sr.) through his entrepreneurial savvy envisaged, pursued and found business opportunities where few existed in small town Newfoundland and Labrador in the nineteen fifties. His business ventures included an automotive service and repair shop, a general supplies store, and a movie theatre, all of which he owned and operated through the 1950’s and 60’s. Through the years, time has proven that Jack Sr business savvy was not lost in his children and grandchildren.

Jack’s son Thomas continued in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps. The movie theatre building was passed along to Thomas, which he converted into a dance hall and games room in the late 1950’s. With the support and help of others, Thomas pulled together a group of local musicians to form an in-house band called the “Marystown Band”. The new band ( later renamed “Imperials” ) was introduced to the attending patrons on opening night, and played for the Saturday night dances on an ongoing basis. Thomas was a member of the band himself playing the piano and piano accordion.

The dance hall fondly known as “Brentons”, and quickly became a popular place of meeting, entertainment and enjoyment for young people all across the Burin Peninsula.

Thomas also operated a fast food and Take-out service from these same premises in the late 1960’s.

Thomas, always the entrepreneur, coupled with his love of music and song channelled his business interests in a slightly different direction in the late 1960’s. He opened a store dealing primarily in the sale of musical instruments, records, tapes, radios, televisions, etc. under the name Marystown Radio & Music, later renamed Brenton Music.

Brenton Music grew in scale during the ensuing months and years to become the go-to place on the Burin Peninsula for beginner, amateur and professional musicians of all stripes.

Through his business dealings and his love of music, Thomas became personal friends to many of his frequent and loyal customers. The personal connections and social ties he established and nurtured with his customers, many of whom he saw as colleagues in the art of music, encouraged him to keep the store open past the many retirement dates he had set for himself. Sadly, he fell ill while still working, at the age of 85, in the fall of 2020.

During his illness, Thomas’ nephew Jack Brenton opened the store periodically to provide customers with their basic music related needs during an interim period.

After Thomas passed away in February 2021, Jack (nephew) and his children James and Jaelyn pledged to carry on in a music tradition to which Thomas was so faithfully attached and so thoroughly enjoyed.

Stay tuned (no pun intended) for a new look and new products at Brenton Music in 2021

Brenton Music
A small store with lots of history