Bugera does it right. We don’t just buy off-the-shelf components and stuff‘em into cabinets. Doing things right takes major resources. First, we are obsessive about valve selection. We build our own speakers. It ain’t easy. A guitar cabinet and the speaker(s) inside is a musical instrument in its own right. Having to buy somebody else’s speakers severely limits tonal options. High tech design for classic tone. Bugera amps are assembled using both circuit boards and hand-wiring. We don’t apologize for using circuit boards…because when done right, it’s the best way to minimize noise and maximize durability.  Our obsession starts with tubes and ends with one of the most rigorous testing programs of any amplifier manufacturer. Literally every fourth technician in the Bugera factory is a Quality Control Inspector. Every head and combo undergoes a battery of tests at each stage of assembly. They can swing both ways. Many of our amps can be configured to operate in either 6L6 or EL34 mode, enabling your sound to migrate east of the Atlantic ocean to the west coast of the USA.

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