Jet City

Welcome to Jet City. 
​​Jet City Amplification was launched in the Fall of 2009 with a goal of delivering great guitar amplifiers at affordable prices. Our amps follow our “100% tube tone – 0%bullsh*t” mantra: simple, focused, and great-sounding products for guitarist. We also offer pedals, an attenuator, an isolation cabinet, and various other tools for guitarists. AmpFactory is our Custom Shop where we make available cosmetic and some simple electronic upgrades and mods.

We don’t do much marketing or add extra knobs and switches to our designs. Instead we choose high-quality materials, and robust build quality. Heavy-gauge steel and hard plywood prevail. Big, heavy, custom-wound transformers deliver unflinching reliability. Thick PCBs with wide, 2oz copper traces are reliable, sound awesome, and are easy to service and modify. We’re super-proud of our product, and believe you’ll really dig your tone.

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