Give charm to sound, make music magic. We make, you play.   Established in 1999, Guangzhou Romance Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented enterprise integrated with research and development, manufacturing and sales. After 20 years of development, Romance now has 8 modernized self-owned buildings with workshop area covering about 30000m2. It's one of the influential musical instrument strings and accessories manufacturers around the globe. In the factory there are 5 buildings with standard workshops; 12 professional production lines of musical instrument strings; 8 lines of instrument accessories; 16 lines of string material processing: copper plating, silver plating, tin plating, nickel plating, wire drawing and annealing, etc. All of these are supported by a warehouse center of 5000m2. The production is executed by more than 1000 machines, of which over 90% are automated, more than 85% are designed and built by Romance. The most typical are double-layered automated wire winders for guitar strings, bass strings, bowed instruments strings, traditional Chinese instrument strings; automated ball-end fixers, hexagonal core rollers, automated fret wire cutters and nylon extruders, etc. Romance has a professional research and development center. Materials and finished products are thoroughly tested with chemical, mechanical and structural methods. With ISO9001:2015 standard fully enforced, the whole production cycle - from raw materials to finished-and-packed goods - are closely monitored and controlled to make sure they are up to standard. Romance is supplying more than 2000 products of a diverse range to meet music lovers’ demands: mainly classical guitar strings, acoustic guitar strings, electric guitar strings, bass strings, bowed instrument strings, traditional Chinese and western instrument strings; and instrument accessories like plectrum, capos and machine heads, etc. These products are very popular not only in China but also overseas markets, they are sold all over the world. The primary brand Alice® has full and well presence in the most prominent professional music trade shows held in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. As an enthusiastic sponsor of music competitions, Alice® has good publicity in music magazines like “Musical Instrument”, “Guangdong Musical Instrument World”, “China Musical Instrument Sourcing”. For their good quality, Alice® products are well recognized by consumers around the globe. We have recieved many industry honors such as: Company with High-tech Innovation, Member Research Center of Engineering Technology(Guangdong), Famous Brand Products of Guangdong Province, ISO9001:2015 Certification, and more than 50 invention patents. Our vision and mission: Keep supplying music lovers with high quality products, dedicate to development of music industry. Devote to every single string, make every playing worth expecting.


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