AQUILA Concert Regular Set – High G. Item ID: 85U




The 85U, Red Series Nylgut Concert Ukulele Set – High G from Aquila features all-red Nylgut, a synthetic material that provides all the acoustic properties of traditional gut, but without the defects. The tuning of the string set is in the key of C with G, C, E, and A strings. The set offers great attack and remarkable stability of intonation, especially under moist conditions. The Red Series strings utilize a different approach by changing the weight of the material, but not the gauge, which results in a brighter sound with a better response throughout the fingerboard.
  • Tuning: Key of C – GCEA
  • Set composition:RED SERIES®



Aquila strings are one of the most popular brands of ukulele strings around, if not the most popular. They are made in Italy of their own, special Nylgut material. Nylgut is a synthetic material that is intended to combine the best qualities of nylon and gut strings (hence the name).


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