AQUILA Tenor Set – Low G Item ID: 115U




A grey-black string colored with a touch of mother-of-pearl inspired by “volcanic rocks”. The Lava Series, naturally inspired by the volcano, a hawaiian symbol of new life. This is Aquila’s respectful homage to the hawaiian people who made the ukulele worldwide famous and share their happiness with thousand of people all around the world. The Lava Series strings maintain the same identical mechanical and sound propieties of the famous white-pearl Supernylgut ukulele strings.
  • Tuning: Key of C – GCEA
  • Set composition: SUPER NYLGUT® (1 wound string)



Aquila strings are one of the most popular brands of ukulele strings around, if not the most popular. They are made in Italy of their own, special Nylgut material. Nylgut is a synthetic material that is intended to combine the best qualities of nylon and gut strings (hence the name).


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