Leem Crazy 10 Foot Instrument Cable Item ID: CGS-10



The Crazy Series cables from Leem feature amazing construction to give your music the best sounds. This 3.05m guitar and bass cable is built with great features like 24K gold contacts to ensure that no matter what your music style is, you’ll get a great sound.
  • 24K gold contacts
  • Colour-coded O-ring
  • Turbo jacket
  • Super braided shield
  • Conductive polymer insulator
  • Tetron filter
  • IPE insulation 70PE/m
  • 6.7mm thick
  • 3.05m length
  • Gold-plated phone plug (S+S)



Leem Pro Audio was founded in 1981 by engineer Ick Chan Leem. At the beginning, the company produced musical instrument cables and audio parts and exported them to world renowned brands. It became a leading Korean company in the music and audio industry. Today, with more than 35 years of experiences, Leem Pro Audio never stops investing in the R&D department to meet the needs of their customers and bring the best sound to them and their audiences.


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