Porchboard Bass 1994



The PorchBoard Bass

The PorchBoard Bass is an amplified, analog low-end rhythm instrument that uses the natural technique of foot tapping to produce a player controlled bass beat with any style of music.

Our patented passive proximity sensor system creates an analog, clean bass beat without the common low-end amplification problems of noise, feedback or delay. The PorchBoard Bass  has sufficient output to drive most powered subwoofers without the use of a preamp.  No batteries or additional power sources are required.

The PorchBoard Bass has been used by musicians to add analog, low-end, real time percussive bass self accompaniment since 1994.  With a simple tap of the foot, the musician controls the style, tempo and volume, allowing audience interaction and a natural, player-controlled beat no matter what type of music.
  • Constructed using durable composites
  • Features XLR and ¼  inch outputs
  • Passive – no batteries or additional power sources are  required.
  • No noise, feedback or delay
  • Disassembles for compact travel (no tools required)
  • Low profile design works well for standing or seated positions
  • Includes a handy carry bag



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