Shubb Transposing and Capo Placement Guide Item ID: TG-1



Shubb Transposing Guide is a handy little slide chart that shows all the note and chord equivalents when transposing from one key to another. Just line the two keys up next to each other for an instant visual reference. Flip it over, and the other side serves as a capo placement guide. Move the slide to show the key you want to play in, and the guide shows you fingering alternatives, aligned with the fret where the capo should be placed. Made of durable plastic, the Shubb transposing guide will fit easily in your pocket or in the accessory compartment of your instrument case.



For more than forty years the name of Shubb has been synonymous with intelligent design and quality manufacturing. With more than five million capos sold, the Shubb Capo is the first choice ...often the ONLY choice of discerning musicians worldwide. SHUBB Standard Capos in polished brass, our most popular finish.


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