Waltons Irish Tin Whistle Item ID: 08AWAL-1501




Waltons Irish Tin Whistle Packs are a wonderful gift of music. The Brass D whistles are manufactured to produce the perfect whistle sound. Our single whistle packs come with instruction leaflets in six languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese) and includes many easy-to-play tunes for the beginner. Our Twin packs come with a Brass D whistle and easy to read six language instruction book. Our CD packs contain an instruction CD, tutor book and Brass D whistle.
  • Authentic Walton’s whistle
  • Easy to use guide for complete beginners
  • High Quality



Waltons Tin Whistles are the best-selling, best value whistles in Ireland. They are made from high quality materials and finished to produce the perfect whistle sound that has made our instruments so popular worldwide. Available in C and D.


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