Remo Tambourine 6″ Item ID: TA-5106-00




The Fiberskyn® Tambourine features a classic warm sound in a lightweight traditional design.
  • Features a classic warm sound in a lightweight traditional design
  • Constructed with an Acousticon® shell and a pre-tuned Fiberskyn® drumhead with a single-row 6 jingle set for the 6″ model, and either a single or double-row 8 jingle set for the 8″ and 10″ models
  • Ideal for Recreational and professional drum enthusiasts
  • Sizes – 6″, 8″ and 10″
  • Available various finishes



Remo Inc. is an US musical instruments manufacturing company based in Santa Clarita, California. The company, founded by Remo Belli in 1957. Products manufactured include drum kits, drumheads, drums, and hardware.


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